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Please help maintain local control over wireless deployments.

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Dear friend,

A new federal bill that threatens to eliminate all state and local control in cell tower and small cell placements is making its way through Congress. Proposed bill H.R. 3557 aims to expedite the deployment of wireless and other communications facilities through a massive federal power grab that strips away state and local control in permitting and regulatory review processes – the very mechanisms designed to protect citizens from the threats posed by wireless facilities. 

If H.R. 3557 passes, it will result in a truly unrestricted proliferation of cell towers and small cell installations near schools, playgrounds, and homes without any local or community input.

Cell towers and small cells endanger our health, damage the environment, and jeopardize our privacy and autonomy. Despite these threats, H.R. 3557 systematically removes state and local jurisdiction, prohibits temporary suspensions of installations and eliminates critical regulatory safeguards such as environmental and historic preservation reviews.

We cannot afford to lose all local control and must not allow the wireless and telecom industry to expand unchecked based on misguided and one-size-fits-all federal laws. We must stop this advancement of corporate interests at the expense of the health, safety and well-being of people and the environment. 

Help us #KillHR3557 by telling your elected officials to oppose H.R. 3557, the American Broadband Deployment Act of 2023.

In truth

The Team at Children's Health Defense