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Dear friend,

Smart and digital utility meters are actively being deployed and mandated across the U.S. without adequately informing consumers of the health, safety and privacy risks. In some cases, this is happening without notification or consent.

Unlike electromechanical analog meters that have been safely used for decades, smart meters and (some) digital meters emit toxic levels of pulsed radiofrequency (RF) radiation, are a fire hazard and enable companies to sell near real-time private usage data to third parties.

To mandate these utility meters is unacceptable – where there is risk, there must be choice!

Ask your federal and state representatives to introduce and/or support legislation with the following protections:

  • Utility Meter Choice. In states where smart and digital meters have been deployed, allow consumers to opt out.
  • Consumer Consent. In states where smart and digital meters have not yet been deployed, require utility companies to obtain consumer consent before installations, (i.e., require an opt in).
  • Protective Privacy Laws. Require utility companies to be transparent about how utility meter data is collected, managed, stored, used and sold.

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Thank you for taking action.

The Team at Children's Health Defense